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Awareness / Avoidance / Action

1656 Beavercreek Rd., Office Suite B / Oregon City, OR 97045 / 503-893-4284

Family Safety Training in Oregon City

The key to family safety is in your hands

Our Family Rules:

  • Rule #1:
    No dying
  • Rule #2:
    No touching
  • Rule #3:
    Leave no one behind
  • Rule #4:
    Always do good
  • Rule #5:
    Never give up

Here at Family Safe Training, we want to train you and your family on ways to recognize, avoid, and protect your loved ones from natural or man made disasters. Remember, the key to family safety is in your hands.

Types of classes we offer:

  • First Aid Training

  • AVERT (Active Violence Education Response Training) including Tourniquet application

  • Basic Firearms Safety & Use

  • Basic Rifle Safety & Use

  • Basic Bleeding Control

  • Home Protection

  • Wilderness Medicine (coming soon)

  • Women-only handgun classes

  • Concealed carry for Oregon/Utah

  • Real Estate Safety

  • Congregation¬†Safety

  • Private Lessons available